What We Do


Shilpkriti 's designers truly address a client's core problems. We create dramatic spaces that work well while appealing to the people who use them. Our architecture flows directly from ideas about our client's needs, not from a designer's preconceived notion about how a building should look. Instead of looking for opportunities to express ourselves artistically, we measure a project's success by asking, "Does it really help"?

Strategic facility planning begins with the project's first discussion. Real estate advisory, site selection and consultation as well as project related services such as conceptual and feasibility studies, programming and migration studies are part of Shilpkriti 's interactive process.

Our services include accurate needs analysis, square foot programs, well-conceived conceptual plans, responsible budgets, timely communication, and a planning process that supports consensus building. Quality planning which simultaneously reflects your business goals, staff needs, and results in a facility that best supports those needs in a cost effective manner.


Shilpkriti Interior Services include - Space Planning, Interior Design, Workplace Strategies, Programming Furniture and Interior Finishes Selection.

Great Interior design isn't just handsome, it should be functional. Shilpkriti designs attractive interior environments built around the latest ideas about how people interact. We participate in stand-alone assignments in which client choose from our diverse menu of interiors services or full service projects in which Shilpkriti designs both the building's shell and core architecture and the entire tenant fit out.